Sunday, 15 January 2012

Neapolitan Pasta

What is your idea of a perfect Saturday night?

You are all going to roll over and scream with laughter! But mine is a night at home with my husband watching some ridiculous TV series (True Blood).

Ok, I know it's sad but if I had to choose I choose home every time.

Home is where my favourite hoodie is.

Home is where my comfy slippers are.

Home is where my feather pillow is.

Home is where my couch calls me.

Home is the place of trial and error in the kitchen.

This trial has definitely been a success.

While spending a week in the beautiful Byron Bay we came across this amazing Italian restaurant. The pasta was so good, the simplicity of ingredients just worked so well.

Saturday night is a perfect excuse to put my taste memory to the test!

So here we go my version of Neapolitan Pasta!

Neapolitan Pasta
4 tablespoons of grape seed oil
1/2 large red chilli seeded and finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 onion roughly chopped
1/2 pun-net of cherry tomatoes sliced in halves
1 tablespoons of fresh basil chopped
750ml jar of traditional pasta sauce
2 cups of baby spinach
salt and peper
egg fettuccine for 4

Heat the oil in a frying pan on a medium heat, add garlic, chilli and onion until golden brown.
Meanwhile cook pasta until al denti
Once onion is cooked add tomatoes and pasta sauce cook for 3-4 minutes
Add basil and baby spinach for 1 minute and turn off the heat
Add salt and pepper 
Serve with fresh pasta.


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  1. wish i had your taste memory! would you believe i made a rendition of this tonight and it was no where near as exotic as this delish recipe! yummmmm! thanks for sharing